" When I decided to accept a position at Clemson University, 22 years ago, I had no idea this would be one of the best decision for our family.  There was never a question as to where we would live; we were intentional in our decision.  The City of Clemson had the feel of a loving and inclusive community.  It did not take long for me to connect with the residents of Clemson through various organizations, community agencies and recreational programs. 

I firmly believe that the small town, family-oriented environment that is a part of Clemson provided our children with a strong sense of self-awareness and spirituality, an understanding of the importance of community service and volunteering, confidence in their own abilities and the benefits of investing in their community.

Based on these reasons, I decided to run for City Council to ensure we do not lose these very important attributes in the name of growth and development.  I want to be part of the solution and create an environment where all community members’ voices are heard and taken seriously.  Our number one priority should always be about the betterment of our permanent residents.  I also want to assess and evaluate the concept of gentrification to determine how best to meet the needs of our growing community.  We need to identify strategies to keep our residents in Clemson and invest in established neighborhoods without displacing our lifelong residents.  Their voices are equally, if not more important, as the need for student housing.

In terms of addressing the exodus of longtime Clemson residents, we will need to do an environmental assessment to determine why they are moving out of Clemson.  I believe we have a responsibility to provide various ways for our residents to be involved, from beginning to end, in the future development of Clemson.  Important issues like affordable housing, safety, family-oriented events, recreation, infrastructure and economic stability are critical to providing a community that we can all be very proud to call home.

We need to identify those issues that cause our residents to feel unsafe, invisible, rejected, or ignored all in the name of growth and development.  We have to put our people and community first.  We need to build a community of harmony.

If elected to City Council, I will work tirelessly to ensure all voices are heard and taken seriously. I will insist that City Council assess all policies, municipal codes, and community development proposals to determine what is best for all residents of the City of Clemson.  I will continue to fight for our long-term Clemson residents so that they can leave an inheritance to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  I will always serve our community and put the people first."

  • Assess and evaluate the concept of gentrification to determine how best to meet the needs of our growing community.  

  • Identify strategies to keep our families in Clemson by providing affordable housing

  • Invest in established neighborhoods without displacing our lifelong residents.  

  • Provide opportunities for our residents to be involved from beginning to end regarding Clemson’s economic development.

  • Invest in our youth and partner with established non-profit community agencies to enhance their overall development